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Are your ready to conquer one of the oldest trading markets? Precious metals, and especially gold, carry historical significance due to their high value and role as hedges against inflation and currency devaluation. These assets are renowned for their stability amid market volatility and are essential to various industries worldwide, enhancing their market resilience. Silver, widely used in industry and subject to market fluctuations, offers opportunities for both short-term and long-term gains through CFD trading, allowing investors to effectively exploit market trends.

Discover a novel way to speculate on market prices without the need to physically deal with the assets and their transportation issues by investing in precious metals via Contracts for Difference (CFDs) with ModMount.

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Precious Metals Available at ModMount

Symbols Description Leverage (UP TO)
XAUEUR Gold vs Euro 200 Buy Sell
XAUUSD Gold vs US-Dollar 200 Buy Sell
XAGEUR Silver vs Euro 200 Buy Sell
XAGUSD Silver vs US-Dollar 200 Buy Sell
XPDUSD Palladium vs US-Dollar 200 Buy Sell
XPTUSD Platinum vs US-Dollar 200 Buy Sell

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