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The cryptocurrency market is young and dynamic, offering traders incredible opportunities. Experienced investors say you need to hold on for dear life because the crypto market is so volatile.

ModMount allows you to trade crypto CFDs. Trading Contract for Difference (CFD) doesn’t require you to own an asset. You rather speculate on the price fluctuations, making the market’s volatility work for you, not against you.

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ModMount's List of Cryptocurrencies

Symbols Description Leverage (UP TO)
BTCUSD Bitcoin vs. USD 5 Buy Sell
BCHUSD Bitcoin cash vs. USD 5 Buy Sell
ETHUSD Ethereum vs. USD 5 Buy Sell
LTCUSD LiteCoin vs. USD 5 Buy Sell
XRPUSD Ripple vs. USD 5 Buy Sell
DOGEUSD Dogecoin vs USD 5 Buy Sell
DSHUSD Dashcoin vs. USD 5 Buy Sell
XLMUSD Stellar Vs. USD 5 Buy Sell
XMRUSD Monero vs. USD 5 Buy Sell
ADAUSD Cardano vs. USD 5 Buy Sell

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