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The commodities market is one of the oldest in existence and plays quite a significant role in the global economy. Its value changes rapidly and depends on factors like politics, international financial flows, import, export, and even the weather.

ModMount dares you to join trading CFDs on chosen commodities. Test your ability to predict price movements and benefit from the accurate forecasts. Use any of 60+ analytical tools and set up instant market notifications to support your best strategies.

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ModMount's Commodities Trading Benefits

CFDs on 20+ most popular commodities

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Professional analytical toolkit included

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ModMount list of commodities

Symbols Description Leverage (UP TO)
BRENT Crude Oil Brent Cash 200 Buy Sell
USOIL.c West Texas Intermediate Crude Oil cash 200 Buy Sell
COCOA.f Cocoa US Futures 200 Buy Sell
COFFEE.f Coffee US Futures 200 Buy Sell
USCOP.f Copper Futures 200 Buy Sell
COTTON.f Cotton US Futures 200 Buy Sell
NGAS.f NGAS Futures 200 Buy Sell
SUGAR.f Sugar US Futures 200 Buy Sell
CORN.f Corn Futures 200 Buy Sell
SBEAN.f Soybean Futures 200 Buy Sell
WHEAT.f Wheat Futures 200 Buy Sell
UKBRNT.f Crude Oil Brent Futures 200 Buy Sell
USOIL.f West Texas Intermediate Crude Oil Futures 200 Buy Sell

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