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Client Complaints Procedure

We, Modmount Services Limited (hereinafter the "Company"), in order to ensure a fair and expeditious process for the handling of complaints that may result from our relationship, have put in place a proper process to deal with your cases and complaints. The Company is authorized and regulated by the Financial Services Commission (FSA) of Seychelles, under license number: Room B11, First Floor, Providence Complex, Providence, Mahe, Seychelles

Upon completion and filing of your complaint, the company's Compliance Department will process, investigate and contact you accordingly.


Submit your Complaint

To make a complaint to the company, fill in and submit the complaint form. Please note that the Company reserves the right not to accept complaints submitted to it through any other means or methods (i.e. telephone, etc.). Use the following link to access the complaint form.

proceed with your complaint

Acknowledging your Complaint

We will acknowledge the receipt of your complaint within five (5) days from the receipt of your complaint and provide you with the unique reference number of your complaint. The unique reference number should be used in all your future contact with the Company and the Financial Services Authority (FSA) regarding the specific complaint.


Handling of your Complaint

Once we acknowledge receipt of your complaint, we will review it carefully, investigate the circumstances surrounding your complaint and will try to resolve it without undue delay. We shall make every effort to investigate your complaint and provide you with the outcome of our investigation within thirty (30) days from the date you have submitted your complaint to us. During the investigation process, we will keep you updated on the handling process of your complaint. One of our officers may contact you directly (including communication by email or phone) in order to obtain, where needed, further clarifications and information relating to your complaint. We will require your full cooperation in order to expedite the investigation and possible resolution of your complaint. In the event that your complaint requires further investigation and we cannot resolve it within thirty (30) business days, we will issue a holding response in writing or other durable media. When a holding response is sent, it will indicate the causes of the delay and when the Company’s investigation is likely to be completed.

Please note that the Company shall consider your complaint as closed and cease the relevant investigation in case you fail to respond to our officers within the period of three (3) months from the date of the submission of your complaint. When we reach an outcome, we will inform you of it together with an explanation of our position and any remedy measures we intend to take (if applicable).

Contact Details for Complaints:

Room B11, First Floor, Providence Complex, Providence, Mahe, Seychelles

If you are not satisfied with the Company’s final decision you may submit your complaint to the Financial Services Authority of Seychelles.

Contact Details of the Financial Services Authority:

Financial Serviced Authority in Seychelles
Email ID:
Contact Number:
+248 4 380 800
The Chief Executive Officer
CC. Policy (Information & Communication Unit)
Financial Services Authority
Bois De Rose Avenue
P.O Box 991, Victoria
Mahé, Seychelles

You may maintain your complaint with the Financial Services Authority, however, please note that the FSA does not have restitution powers and therefore does not investigate individual complaints. It is understood that your right to take legal action remains unaffected by the existence or use of any complaints procedures referred to above.